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Due to the public holiday on Monday earlier this term, Monday lessons will continue in week 11 of this term (being the 10/4/17) in order to deliver the 10 lessons students have paid for. Private lessons will also occur on this Monday. If this arrangement does not work for group students, please contact the office at your   earliest convenience so that we can organize some make up lessons for you. Unfortunately ‘no shows’   during this week are not able to be made up.

Term 2, 2017 Monday lessons will then begin on 1/5/17, which is the first Monday of the next school term. Note, except for inclement weather make ups and the week 11 Monday lessons, group lessons will finish in week 10.


Make up Lessons

Due to many groups operating at capacity we were limited with make up spots through the term. If you know you have missed a lesson during the term we will be running make up lessons in week 11 to make sure you receive your 10 lessons. We will be doing lessons week 11 Tuesday (11/4/17) and Wednesday (12/4/17) with the  Skippy lesson 4:30-5:30 and a Captain Roo lesson 5:30-6:30. If you wish to join one of these lessons please call the office on 8355 4466 to book in. Remember any make up lessons are required to be attended in the term the lessons are missed.


Term 2, 2017 Enrolments

New enrolments are now being taken for Term 2, 2017 including enrolments for Jump Start (a fundamental   movement skills program for 2-5 year olds). To enrol just ring the office or visit for        further details


Automatic Re-enrolment

State Tennis will assume that all students will continue at the beginning of the next school term in the same time slots in the week beginning Monday 1st May 2017. This will be the understood situation with all students unless State Tennis makes contact with the student or the student / parent makes contact with State Tennis to advise otherwise.


Policy Reminder

Please note it is the responsibility of the student (or parent) to book in make up lessons for any cancelled

lessons. All make up lessons need to be completed in the term they were missed. In the case of your child’s group lesson being cancelled due to inclement weather or a public holiday (except for Mondays), this

lesson will be made up by the whole group in the same timeslot during our make up lesson week starting Monday 10th April.



If you or your child are enjoying your tennis experience, tell your family and friends!  If you are referring a friend to start as a new customer you will qualify for a $20 voucher from State Tennis. Introduce a few friends and you may not need to pay for your next term’s coaching!


Lessons in Holidays

If you are interested in doing lessons in the holidays please speak to your coach or ring the office. We do run group lessons / clinics upon demand. Casual private lessons will also be available.


State Tennis Gift Vouchers

Sirprise a family member or a friend with a 1 hour private lesson voucher or a series of lessons. ‘Flexible’ gift vouchers are available – contact the office for more details.

Term 4, 2016 Graduates

Congratulations to the following students on their achievements!

Jump Start Graduate: Callan Rowe.

Little Joey Graduates: Latisha Kennedy, Tori Fischer, Izzy Horssall-Harris, Blake Scott, Tjalle Doormberg, Harrison Burns-Tylor, Liana Cavallaro, Edwin Baker, Charia Roberts, Anthony Bollella, Isabella Bollella.

Skippy Graduates: Luca Ankeny, Christen Wilbik, Chaise Baker, Chloe Porter, Ashlee Porter


Missed Private Lessons

State Tennis would like to remind customers that if private lessons are cancelled on the day of the lesson, a fee of 50% of the lesson cost will be charged.  If a lesson is missed and not cancelled then the full cost will be charged.


Group Lesson Payment

A reminder that payment for group lessons is required at the start of the term to avoid an administration fee of $15. Should you wish for State Tennis to take the worry out of paying, you may wish to leave the office with your credit card details and ask to go onto the automatic payment list and we will put through your payment at the beginning of each term the student is enrolled for.


Multi Lesson / Multi Sibling Discounts

In addition to any student getting a $10 discount on an enrolled second group lesson per week, students doing three or more lessons per week or families with three or more family members coming per week are eligible for a 5% discount upon a full lump sum payment at the beginning of each term.


Adult Group Lessons

State Tennis is also running adult group lessons for people of all standards on Monday nights from 7pm – 8pm. You could come along with a friend or a group of friends and pick up some tips from our coaching team.  So even if you have never played before, come along and have some fun! Please contact the office for more      information or to enrol.



State Tennis has been stringing rackets for 30 years. It is recommended that your tennis racket be restrung at least once a year.  For a limited time, mention this newsletter and with any restring you can have a one off

private lesson with Egan at 50% off.  Conditions apply.


33% off private lessons with Egan

Students wishing to have additional 30 minute or 1 hour private lessons with Egan can do so at 33% off the

normal private coaching price (Minimum 3 lessons). This offer is only available for Term 2, 2017 and only for lessons over and above the student’s current lesson program. Subject to availability. Please contact the office for bookings.


Orange Ball Term 2

If you are interested in getting into competition through the club a great way to start is with the new Orange Ball           Competition. With the modified orange tennis balls and smaller courts it is a stepping stone to develop your   future skills. If you are interested please call Lauren Koplin on  0401 801 577. This competition is ideal for most of our State Tennis Skippy level students.